Mobile Strategy

Mobile strategy for my business: Part II

In another post we looked at the different types of mobile presence you can build. Many businesses arrive at the decision that they need both a website for discovery and short, casual interactions with the customer, and an app for deeper, more engaged and frequent relationships. In this post, we’ll look at the specific types of app you can consider.

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Mobile strategy for my business: Part I

Possibly the single most important decision a project manager, business manager or entrepreneur has to make when looking at their mobile strategy is what kind of mobile presence to build. A website or a web app? A pure native app, a cross-platform app or a hybrid app*? Or will your responsive website do just fine?

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App and mobile device usage statistics 2016: No.1

We Are Apps regularly produces a Mobile Insights Report that covers the ways mobile devices and apps are being used in the UK. From January 2016 we are going to switch the format so that we’ll blog the statistics on a more regular basis than an annual report. Bookmark this page and check-in regularly for more updates on app and mobile device usage.

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Consumers using devices in store convert higher

We’re guessing most people coming to a site like ours will be fairly tech savvy, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to read that smartphone users are actively using their devices while shopping. Who hasn’t checked an in-store price against a competitor’s website to try and find the best deal?

What may be surprising, however, is that mobile device users in-store actually convert to sale at a 40% higher rate than shoppers who aren’t using devices in the location

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Spreading the iBeacons message

As a seasoned mobile and tablet app development studio, over the years we’ve seen some very poor technologies over-hyped, and more interesting technologies fall by the wayside. Thankfully, iBeacons fall into neither category.

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