Why are we giving away app developer secrets? Well, We Are Apps had been developing apps for brands and entrepreneurs for over seven years when we realised something was up with the apps market.

We realised that we were being approached by more developers, mainly from overseas, than potential customers.

We also noticed that these same customers were frequently complaining how difficult it was to find a good developer. Most of the developers they contacted either didn’t return their calls/emails or when they did it simply wasn’t clear for either party what the advantage of working together was.

How could that be? Thousands of great developers seeking great clients and thousands of great clients seeing great developers but neither could find each other. Clearly, there was a problem.

The answer is to help potential app creators find great app builders.

Potential clients needed to understand how great developers work – that way, when they get in touch, the developer knows exactly what the opportunity is and how best to respond.

Developers needed help in understanding exactly what a potential customer needed and a format in which to quickly respond if they felt the project was something they’d be great at.

From our years of working with great clients producing great apps, we knew what was needed – a way for people with app ideas and ready-to-go projects to brief developers on their exact needs. The solution is the App Project Briefing, a templated approach based on years’ of experience ideating, developing and publishing great apps.


All of our efforts now go into bringing the App Project Briefing to the attention of as many potential app builders as possible.

It is a thorough approach to getting down in black and white exactly what is needed to produce a seamless, cost-effective project.

It also helps marshal everyone’s thoughts, so it quickly becomes apparent whether there are any problems with the app idea or the approach the client want’s to take.

There will be some occasions though when someone with a great app idea or a business with a need for a mobile app needs a little more help.

From our offices in central London, UK, we offer consulting services on all aspects of app development – design, build, marketing – and we work on a global basis.

We still recommend you take the time to undertaking the App Project Briefing process as it will greatly help bring your ideas and approach together, but if you feel you need more help with your strategy or approach, then we would love to hear from you.


Until we developed the App Project Briefing system, We Are Apps built mobile applications for some of the world’s leading brands, from our base in London, UK.

The company is now focussed on preparing people with great app projects and ideas so they know how to deliver the app to the market, with the help of a great developer.

We have developed the App Project Briefing, a template approach that helps app projects get the best possible start. More templates will follow soon. You could say we help create great clients and put them together with great app developers.

The App Project Briefing template is designed to help anyone, regardless of their experience, write a briefing for developers that will help the developer understand what the app needs to be and do and to go on and provide a quotation or estimate that will hopefully be the start of the great app development project.

The App Project Briefing template can be downloaded as an easy-to-complete form or it can be completed online, where we can then help the customer find a great app developer to work with by matching their project with appropriate developers.

You can access the App Project Briefing below.

app ideas delivered for all types of brands and businesses

We work directly with brands, the arts and entertainment sector, publishers, the public sector, charities and service-orientated businesses as well as providing consultancy and white-label services to creative, marketing and advertising agencies..

Most of all, we love working with entrepreneurs who have great ideas.
We’ve have helped numerous startups get thier app idea out there, from the guys behind the fabulous Happiour app to the hugely successful Great British Chefs team.

We have a proven development history working with global brands such as Ford, McDonalds, Westfield, Penguin Random House and more. We often prepare the ground – strategy, prototype app and initial MVP release – ready to migrate to in-house teams once they have been created.

These apps have happened already

Mobile strategy and planning

App development is complex and before and developer writes a single line of code there should be a comprehensive suite of strategic plans put in place for the delivery of the mobile app.

Market research and analysis, user-to-platform profiling, platform analysis, roll-out strategy, commercial strategy and ROI planning and analysis.

Concept, design and production

If you have a top line idea only at this stage we can produce initial concepts through to final design execution, including all illustration, photography, audio and video production.

We also work with creative agencies where you supply interface designs, ready for us to give them a UX sense check.

Production oversight

We have a history of advanced development of native and web-enabled applications for mobile and fixed-location devices.

As well as a wide range of application types we offer deep-level experience in three specific sectors – dating, food and retail. Although we are too busy to take on code development anymore we can help you find a great app development partner.

App release marketing

We increase awareness of app releases through online and offline PR, social and viral media campaigns, search engine optimisation (including PPC campaigns) and seeding awareness with relevant interest groups, including sector-specific bloggers and commentators.

Based in London UK, we work mostly with brands in the UK, US, Australia and Europe.

Failing to plan is planning to fail

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