Advice: Always get quotes from multiple app developers

Multiple Quotes from app developers

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when commissioning app development is to go with the first developer you come across. ALWAYS get multiple quotes from app developers.

Before we go further, we have to recognise that is EXTREMELY difficult to find a high quality, reliable developer or development team who will deliver your app project for a fair and reasonable price.

In fact, it can be a struggle to get ANY developer to take you seriously and provide you even with a quote.

This is because, while there are plenty of developers vying for business in an extremely competitive industry, the good developers are nearly always already busy and even the good developers who aren’t that busy do not like to waste time with enquiries from new clients who they can’t take seriously.

This is most common when the client hasn’t taken the time to provide the developer with a decent app project brief.

A new, cohesive, comprehensive app project brief is the thing that gets a developer up in the morning. The excitement of working on a new project with a client who knows what they are doing because they have got everything down in writing in a format the developer easily understands.

We will let you into a secret. Barely 1 in 10 of new business enquiries that developers receive has an app project brief attached to it.

Meaning, unless there is a very well written email accompanying the enquiry, that 9 in 10 quote enquiries simply don’t get answered.

Good developers don’t have the time to waste on under-prepared enquiries into their service capability and costs.


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Prepare a briefing

Always get at least three quotes. If you can, get quotes from multiple different types of developers – offshore for example, so you know the pricing difference.

Make sure the brief you give each developer is exactly the same so that you can compare like-for-like.

To help you do this, we have developed an easy-to-use App Project Briefing template that you can use to generate a briefing. It is born from direct experience working on countless mobile app development projects over a seven-year period.

Step-by-step the template helps you to marshal your thoughts and ideas into a cohesive project briefing that a developer will easily understand. You don’t have to be technical to complete it, and you don’t need to have expensive designs or wireframes at this stage.

It doesn’t take long to complete, and it can be sent directly to developers who might be interested in providing you with an idea of how much your app idea will cost to develop.

You can download the template here.