App and mobile device usage statistics 2016: No.2

Retail apps usage growing in the UK

Figures released by App Annie, a leading app analytics provider, show that UK retailers should take advantage of the increasing appetite for shopping via apps by UK consumers.

This type of app is seeing 10% year-on-year growth on iOS devices and a staggering 55% on Android devices downloading apps from Google Play.

It chimes with the increasing preference of consumers for using apps instead of mobile web browsers, where a choice is available.

App Annie provides analytical data from more than 800,000 different app titles. In its global research on the Rise of Retail Apps it found “a maturing ecosystem for mobile commerce,” in the UK.

The incredible increase in Android retail app downloads could be in pert due to the increasing popularity of sales events such as Black Friday. Many retailers, including Amazon, made offers exclusive to their apps to encourage downloads, knowing that getting an app downloaded on the consumer’s smartphone increases brand presence.

The data also reflects that iOS (iPhone and iPad) users may have already installed their favourite retailers’ apps in previous years. Figures from the US show that Android users actually spent more time in the retail apps – a possible sign of needing more time to get to know the app and to register new shopping accounts.

Android users using retial apps more
Android users using retail apps more

However, separate US research has also found that while Android users were using retail apps for longer periods, iOS users were spending more: Mobile sets new spending records. In research released by Adobe, mobile devices accounted for 34% of Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales, two thirds of which was done on iOS smartphones and tablets.

Also from the same research was more evidence that tablet devices are being used less, with a 2% decrease in year-on-year use – as we’ve pointed out before, this could be due to the explosive growth in phablet usage.