Advice: Failing to plan is planning to fail

Failing to plan is planning to fail

As Benjamin Franklin once said, failing to plan is planning to fail. He apparently didn’t say that at all, instead saying, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

The more modern version is thankfully easier to both remember and, for us at least, easier to type, so we’ll run with that version.

However you want to say it, the idea is the same: If you don’t plan well enough you are increasing the chances of whatever you are working on not happening. This is especially true for creative thinkers.

I’m one of those. I can have dozens of ideas every week. Meaning I find it difficult to focus on the things that are important. As a result, I’m a pretty hopeless planner.

The good news is I don’t necessarily have to be. We have project managers who look after our work schedules. I just have to ensure they are properly briefed so that they know what to plan for.


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If you are not a natural planner either, but you still have a great app idea, don’t worry. We have a developed an easy-to-follow template that will help you gather all of the ideas you’ve already had and then lead you through a series of steps that will result in a tight briefing.

Once completed – and you don’t need to be a natural writer to do that – the briefing will help you deliver the key information a development team needs to:

* Raise any potential issues with your concept
* Give you a price quotation
* An idea of the timescales involved

The briefing is also the start of the ‘scoping process’. This is where the developer’s project managers will go through your development criteria in fine detail to produce both a development plan, accurate timings and any technical documentation that may be needed. They will do this only once you have committed to the project though.

So in actual fact, you don’t need to do that much planning in this process. You just need to have done the thinking around your app idea, then use the template to get it down in writing, after which a developer or project manager knows exactly what’s required and can put plans in place accordingly.

You can download the template here.