Bricks and mortar locations are one of the big winners in the smartphone era as mobile users can be pulled into a store or venue using either GPS and Bluetooth Low Energy beacon technology. Once inside they can be encouraged to discover and interact with labels, point of sale material, displays or simply be rewarded for being in a defined location.



Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon technology allows retailers, for example, to pinpoint nearby users of their app and push information directly to their customers’ smartphones. Users receive an SMS-style message even if they don’t have the retailer’s app open. Opening the message takes the user into the app to display anything from time-sensitive discounts and loyalty points to rich-media content.

The technology can be used to both pull traffic into the location and then guide then around specific points in a location – from department-to-department or simply to an area that may be a point of interest.

Due to GPS’s limitations on smartphone devices, We Are Apps are investing in the next era of geo-fencing technology, BLE beacons. This cost effective technology is more accurate than GPS, less draining on smartphone batteries and more adaptable on location.

We have developed a proprietary campaign/context management system that allows administrators to manage anything from driving traffic to a hundreds of stores using a discount mechanic to guiding visitors around large attractions, unlocking value-add content as they go.


Large shopping centres, airports and department stores

Picture a large shopping centre, filled with hundreds of shops and even more customers. Every time an app user enters the location they are notified of all the deals happening that minute and even directed right to the products on sale.

Or imagine through-traffic at an airport being notified of where they are and guided right to their gate whilst being informed of deals on food or souvenirs along the way.

This will not only offer an enhanced customer experience but also enable retailers to drive footfall to the locations and increase sales as they offer the relevant deals at the right time.


High Street Retailers

A retailer could guarantee their share of that day’s clothing budget by creating a time-sensitive offer that ensures their store is visited first.

As customers come within range of their store they are pinged with an exclusive deal which expires in the next 60 minutes, grabbing their customers attention and custom before their competitors do.

As soon as their customer is in-store and browsing products, the retialer could provide information, ratings and reviews on specific items or ranges.


Indoor Mapping and Information Guides

Beacons are not only good for shopping and coupons,  the possibility of accurate indoor navigation opens up the benefits of the beacon to many other types of venues.

For example, museums and galleries could welcome their customers as they enter the door and guide them from sculpture to painting whilst giving detailed information on each exhibit. Sports stadiums can ping fans as they near revenue points – food outlets, merchandising shops and club museums.



Increase engagement

Once an app user is in your location you have a prime opportunity to engage them at a deeper level by unlocking content or rewards and promotions using image recognition (IR).

We Are Apps has extensive knowledge of IR technology which we use to scan collateral. This could be scanning a dress label to release a voucher or a condiment jar to get a recipe. Image recognition works far harder than scanning either a barcode or QR code, simply by virtue of having more ‘magic’ in the eyes of the user as the app recognises an seemingly unreadable image.

IR is very different to Augmented Reality (AR). Whereas AR requires the user to keep the camera open for longer as content is overlaid over that view, IR is the simple process of scanning collateral and then the user’s view switches to whatever content is offered. This avoids the often ‘shaky’ shortcomings of the AR experience and we think gives a better user experience and therefore impression of the brand.

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