You don’t always need an app for that

Web app development is an increasingly vital component of mobile engagement. If native app users are your most loyal audience, you’ll still need to give the casual visitor to your brand a great mobile experience – and that’s best done with a mobile web app or mobile optimised website.

It may be that, rather than develop a specific app for your brand or organisation, it may be better from a strategic and ROI perspective to simply offer smartphone users a mobile optimised version of your existing website, that shares the same assets and much of the same content.


Optimise your website for mobile screens

The variation in size between the PC and laptop screens websites are designed for the available pixels on a much smaller smartphone screen mean browsing a website can be a frustrating experience on a phone. But people are still doing it and many brands, such as the Guardian and AutoTrader have created specific sites for smartphone users to visit. AutoTrader, for example, have discovered 75% of visitors to their site are using smartphones.


Develop a mobile strategy for your website

We Are Apps will help develop your mobile strategy to ensure visitors using smartphones receive an optimised navigation structure and reformatted content to provide more engaging and easier-to-use experience:

• Only in some cases is it appropriate to offer all of your content to mobile users. We can asses your current website’s analytics to determine the best content to optimise

• Create new content hierarchy for mobile users, if required, and use it to inform a new customer journey

• Concept and design templates for the smaller resolution screens

• Implement code

• Multi-touch interface


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