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React Native mobile development for iOS and Android, by experienced native app development experts.

We Are Apps are experienced cross-platform app developers. We’ve built single code apps using a number of platforms over the years but finally we see the future as being native apps built using the React Native framework, from Facebook.


Cross-platform apps, built using HTML and Java have always suffered a quality loss compared to native code apps, but React Native is different. Because React Native uses asynchronous executions apps built using the framework are naturally fluid and responsive. Although a ‘pure’ native app will always have the edge, the quality native application interface that can be achieved by developers using React Native is very impressive.


The JavaScript and React-based framework is still young. But the apps we have delivered so far are robust, with transitions and animations that are hard to distinguish from an iOS app built in Objective C or a native Android app built in Java. Companies investing in a React Native build have a number of advantages:


  • Native gestures for users
  • Less code to support and maintain
  • Quicker and easier updates


In addition, as the company behind React Native is Facebook and there is a rapidly growing developer community, so investors in React Native apps have piece of mind that the platform they are investing in is well supported and will benefit from a large volume of code libraries offering an ever-expanding range of functions and features for developers like ourselves to implement.


We have already built applications featuring rich functionality and animations, user profile management such as secure logins, user profile creation and editing and more. We are also experts in location-aware applications and have our own proximity marketing platform for delivering location-specific content and campaigns into very precise proximity zones. Take a look at for more information on our proximity marketing solution.



We also develop ‘pure’ native mobile applications for iOS and Android, web apps and of course React Native apps. Get in touch to discuss you project.