Create your own recipe app

We Are Apps has a lot of experience working with brands, publishers and writers in the food space. In fact, we’ve produced one of the best recipe apps ever, according to Apps Magazine.

Since the launch of the first, award-winning and highly critically acclaimed Great British Chefs app, we have gone on to create a dedicated system for building recipe-based apps very cost effectively. We use this system to build and promote recipe and food apps for content owners for far less than it would cost if they were to build an app from scratch themselves.

At the heart of the system is a series of standardised templates that are the benchmark for a superb user experience. Each iPhone and iPad template is optimised to deliver exactly what the user wants from the app at that stage of the cooking process. The app has multiple functions, such as dynamic shopping lists, an extra timer and even voice control for sticky-fingers cooking.

The templates are customised to your preferred typeface and colour scheme before the addition of unique designs for the ‘cover’ and icon of the app.

We have a Content Management System that lets you quickly and easily upload your recipes online, ready to be built into the app. For larger projects we can also take recipes directly from your own database.

If you are a food brand looking to produce an app to compliment your product, a restaurant looking to promote your business or a publisher, chef, food writer or blogger looking to take advantage of iPhone and iPad users’ healthy appetite for recipe apps, please get in touch.