Welcome to the Second Wave of digital behaviour

The Second Wave is here

Internet enabled PC’s have transformed the way we shop, research, relax, socialise and communicate. This was the first wave.

The iPhone and similar smartphones from Blackberry and Google are changing the way consumers entertain themselves and engage with brands and services. We call it the Second Wave of digital behaviour.


Apps and smartphones change consumer behaviour

Why is it a change in behaviour? Because smartphone users can do all of the activities named above, but they don’t have to wait to get to a PC or laptop. They just do it there and then.

Smartphone users drastically shorten the time between discovery to action, almost to an instant. A smartphone user won’t wait until the commercial break to pop to the kitchen and check something they just saw in a programme. They will take their smartphone from their pocket and do it instantly. Likewise, having received a reminder on the bus that it’s mum’s birthday in a couple of days, there’s no chance they’ll leave it until they get to work and risk forgetting to order flowers. They’ll open an app or their browser and do it there and then. That’s if it’s worth interrupting the movie, game or interactive app they may have been engaging in when the phone’s calendar reminded them of the birthday.


Brands need to regard apps as an exciting sales and communications channel

Any brand that isn’t there to take advantage of the action with an app or a website optimised for smartphones is going to lose out on a potential customer or opportunity to promote deeper brand engagement.

In addition to the smartphone being the first port of call for a search or entertainment moment, the online stores that sell the handsets’ applications have become important digital channels themselves, especially as a vehicle for extending brand awareness.

Now is the time to create apps for your brand

The staggering number of apps being downloaded demonstrate that smartphone users have a healthy appetite for being engaged by brands and businesses that offer them relevant, useful, entertaining or simply money saving functions for their new way of living – via their smartphone.

Not convinced yet? Maybe you’re not a smartphone user. If you were, you’d already be engaging with a number of brands. You wouldn’t be looking out for emails from your favourite bands or museums anymore. You’d already have responded to a push notification and been one of the first people to be offered tickets to a hot new show or exhibition. You may actually be at a gallery and using your app to navigate their lastest exhibition with a GPS-led walking audio tour from the artist in question, with extra background reading and videos to view, when you’re offered a discount in the gallery shop before you leave. Or you may be at a department store and just before you decided to purchase the TV that you’ve had your eye on you quickly scan its barcode to see if it can be bought cheaper elsewhere. Oh, and see what other people who have bought the TV think of it too.

The mobile web hasn’t really been able to deliver the experiences above until the smartphone, especially the iPhone, arrived. Apps have changed everything because they let consumers do just about anything, anywhere. Can your business or brand really afford not to be there when they do?

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