Apps for social media sites

We Are Apps creates social media applications for use with the major social networks.

We create highly engaging social media apps that can be used on the sites themselves, as stand-alone campaign websites, on your existing website and on mobile. We also integrate social media tools into smartphone apps.


Micro-target your audience

Social media is no longer a marketing buzzword. It has become a vital part of the way brands and businesses integrate into digital lives. One major benefit of social media marketing is the ability to spread your message among like-minded, or age-related communities, allowing you to create deeper relationships than many media channels offer.

Our strength lies in creating unique, engaging concepts that drive social interaction to promote your brand or business between these communities.


Maximise your social media ROI

As well as creating concepts for branded social media applications We Are Apps can help define social media strategy, seed campaigns, monitor usage results and optimise the campaign to maximise ROI.

Brands are able to make their marketing budgets go much further through social media campaigns that embrace viral connectivity to distribute your message through communities.

It is important to recognise that using social media is not just about producing fun games for friends to share and play. Social media embraces social search, social discovery, blogging and micro-blogging (Twitter, IM tools) online meetings, mash-ups and wikis. We Are Apps can help you define the best channels to communicate through, create engaging campaigns, monitor and optimise usage and integrate learning into following campaigns.